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Collector's Edition T-Shirt #2 - MAXIMUM SECURITY

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Life advice from Norman Reedus: ”Don't go to prison in Russia.” We're glad he didn't follow it himself! While shooting the film Moscow Chill in St. Petersburg, Norman was on set in a real-life Russian prison. He always carries a camera on set and inspired by his uncanny surroundings, Norman took a number of amazing images. Speaking about this photo of a prison guard, Norman recalls: 

“They wanted to trade whatever they had on them with whatever I had on me; cigarettes, lighters, belt buckles. They were about to be shipped off somewhere and they had fear in their eyes and excitement about what was going on at that base. It was a chilling moment for me.”

The eerie green light and haunting mood of this photo is peak Norman Reedus and has always been a fan favorite. Get the Limited Edition Collectors T-Shirt now!

These shirts begin shipping July 26th, 2019. Please allow up to 2 weeks for international shipping.



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