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From The Fans

"Please thank Norman for putting up "Thanks" at an affordable price for fans that could not otherwise afford to buy a piece of his work. I'm so thrilled to have an actual limited edition signed piece by him you have no idea! This is the best present I have bought to spoil myself after a rough couple of years. It makes me very happy!" - Melissa 

"Thank you so much! The print arrived the other day. He is going to Iove it - it's perfect for his office. Have a wonderful weekend!" -Vanessa


"I just bought "THANKS" for my wife.  That's fucking awesome!  It reminded me of a photo of my Decon Team when we were deployed to Saudi Arabia back in '03.  I thought you might like it. I'm the dude in Ponch glasses firing a double barrel bird. Keep up the good work man." - Lance K.

"It looks “ueber” cool, my husband and I love it and the cats even appreciated the box! Will keep an eye out for more." - Antje K.

"I just received it a few hours ago, my mom is going to love it. It's so awesome. I love the metal glossy picture it is amazing. Thank you so much, everything was excellent from the time I ordered to the time of delivery and for it to be autographed it's even more special. Thank You so much..." - Barbara S.

"THANKS #9 made home safely last week - Thanks so much for that! I think the way you wrapped the picture up and packed it is pretty perfect - two thumbs up, keep that going!!!" - Vanessa R.

"My parcel was finally delivered this morning! It's gone straight up on the wall. It's lovely." - Tammy C. 

"Got it and love it!!!  Thanks... next time I want the 1st edition!!!  Lol! Let me know when something comes out!" - Nawal N.

"The shipment arrived in time and looks great! Thank you! My Husband is going to be so surprised and happy!" - Tiffany G.

"Hi, I have received it without any problem. It was birthday present for my wife. We're so excited. “THANKS” a lot!" - Jun A


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