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Portraits From The Woods

$ 60.00 $ 100.00

Norman's electrifying book of photography arrives in both Standard edition and a new Signed Edition with a custom illustrated Bookplate by artist Erik Foss.

A bookplate, also known as "ex-libris" or "from the library," is a decorative label adhered to a book to indicate provenance or ownership. It has a long history in the worlds of typography and book design, and is the perfect accompaniment to elevate this new edition of Portraits From The Woods.

  • Standard Edition Hardcover: $60
  • Deluxe Edition Hardcover w/ Signed Bookplate: $100

Here's what artist Erik Foss had to say about the process of creating the first official Norman Reedus bookplate:

"When asked to be involved in Normans project I was touched. This is a man that has continually supported and promoted me and my work at every opportunity possible. Norman is constantly growing , evolving and seeking new ways to express him self, his work ethic and passion for creativity is inspiring. [For the bookplate] I simply took older illustrations from a simpler time and injected the subtle objects that Norman has for better or worse fetishized through out his life."

Original Publishing Date: October 31, 2020
144 pages
9.5 inches x 12 inches

Norman has an indelible way of capturing the beauty and mystery in others. His photographs are beautiful and terrifying, macabre and provoking, alternately dark and sublime Norman is never without his camera. Like his life on set and in the real world, Reedus’s images vacillate between the real and surreal. Certain portraits remain vivid and clear, while others are washed in intrigue: grainy, hazy and obscured. What unites all of these faces are the eyes that see them: Norman’s. From those eyes come a piercing intimacy, both precious and rare.

“I always have my eyes open. PORTRAITS FROM THE WOODS is like stepping in my own shoes, seen through my own eyes with my sense of humor. “

—Norman Reedus

“PORTRAITS FROM THE WOODS is a journey into the subterranean world where there is no judgment. This book can’t help but push your envelope! Love it to death!!”

—Mick Rock

“Norman’s photography book is a pictorial record in multiple takes of a singular journey. The images cohere though, into a singular journey, taking you through Norman Reedus’ intensely lived experience of darkness and light.”

—Anthony Hayden-Guest

“Norman knows how to use the flat surface. He imbues it with the physicality that he knows as an actor, the spatial sense when you’re moving around in that rectangle. The spontaneity of live action next to the STILLness of death, fake, stuffed…real.”

—Kim Gordon

Publishing Release Date: October 31, 2020
144 pages
9.5 inches x 12 inches
Retail Price: $75.00

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